1/8 Cow Share 
Fill your freezer with our 1/8 cow share option. Cuts will vary and include 40% ground beef, 30% steaks, 30% roasts (approximately 60 pounds of beef).
Below is a sample of what you will recieve in our 1/8 COW SHARE :*PRE-ORDER Now for our next release date of June 1*
25 Ground Beef (1 pound pkgs)4 Ribeye Steaks, 4 New York Strip, 4 Filet Mignon Tenderloin Steaks, Short Ribs (2-4 ribs per pkg) 4 Top Sirloin Steaks 2-3 Beef Roasts (2-4lbs)
2 Top Round Steaks
1 Flat Iron Steak or Skirt Steak1 Tri Tip Roast or Flank Steak
1 Brisket (2.5-4 lbs)
1 45 Qt OtterBox Cooler
**Your 1/8 Beef Share will come in your own personal 45 Qt OtterBox Cooler to keep** (You can use this cooler in the future if you would like to reorder another 1/8 Beef Share and you can send it back to us and you will refill it for you.  This will save you $100 off your order next time)
All our meat will be a minimum 14 days dry aged and will come frozen in vacuum sealed packaging allowing for up to 1-2 years life in your freezer.

*Lead time for this is usually 4-6 weeks*
**PLEASE NOTE we may have to substitue for certain cuts sometimes (brisket, steaks, etc) as each cow is different but we will include equal or greater value cuts (different steaks, roasts, etc). If you do not want substitutions - please order our individual cuts on our products page.

1/8 Beef Share

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